Leftover chicken sandwich with a coriander mayo

This looks tasty

Dorothée Coupat

Hi guys,

I am finally able to sit down after days of non-stop working and as you know this little blog is a real moment of relaxation for me.

Chicken sandwich with coriander mayo

I thought I would share a self-invented recipe that I am making as I am typing this up.  A chicken sandwich made up of left-over roast chicken.  Too many people throw out that carcass because they do not want to get their hands dirty and pick out all the meat, but it is so worth it, taste-wise and money wise.

So I pick out EVERY last bit of chicken meat you can find on the carcass.  Drizzle some olive oil, coriander (the tube type), 1 quarter very finely chopped Spanish onion, fresh grated ginger, 1 squished garlic clove, shredded baby spinach leaves, some parsley if you like, a tiny bit of lemon, salt, pepper and mix it all with your hands…

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